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About UMK – in English

About UMK in English

If you love singing and playing, Uppsala Musikklasser (Uppsala Music School) is the school for you. Uppsala Musikklasser is a year 3 to 9 school (ages 9 to 16) with the choice of specializing in either singing/choral or orchestral music, in addition to the national syllabus Lgr11. If you enjoy singing or would like to play in an orchestra you are welcome to apply to our school. Our singing/choral profile starts in year 3, and our orchestral profile starts in year 6.  Information about how to apply can be found under “Ansökan”.

At Uppsala Musikklasser (UMK for short) we want our pupils to experience joy and motivation in their learning, and our teachers in all subjects aim to inspire and awaken interest. Teaching is carried out in accordance with the national syllabus Lgr11, but with fine adjustments to lesson times. Music has more teaching time than in other schools and this is compensated for by a small reduction over a variety of other subjects. All subjects however have the same curriculum as all other schools. Music plays a big part in the daily life of the school and is not confined to the music lessons, but becomes a central theme in all school activities. Concerts and other public performances are frequent and are peaks in the musical life of the school.

Uppsala Musikklasser began in 1982 with two choral classes. In 1994 the school became larger when orchestral classes were added. Today the school consists of two choral classes in each of the years 3 to 9, and one orchestral class in each of the years 6 to 9. Every year, two new choral classes are accepted into year 3 and one new orchestral class is accepted into year 6. The two choral classes in year 3 have 26 pupils each, and this increases to 30 from year 4 upwards. The orchestral classes from year 6 upwards will accept up to 30 instrumental pupils.

In the autumn of 2010 the school moved into the well-known Seminariet in Luthagen, Uppsala, and this is still our home today.

The school is a non-profit-making free school, run by the governing body Stiftelsen Uppsala Musikklasser (The Uppsala Music School Trust).

Please feel free to browse through our website, using the links below. If you want more information in English, don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email.

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Visit our Youtube channel for excerpts from our concerts.

Uppsala Musikklasser The Movie
A short film about our school.
A short film about our ability test to year three.
For more information on our ability test for our orchestral profile frmo year 6, please follow the links above to the information pages.